Cosmetology School


Ok-So I have decided to attend cosmetology school to obtain a mancurist license. With opening a beauty/barber salon in second quarter 2009, I thought about hiring a nail tech. But then I was like, why would you hire someone when you have always wanted to do nails (I should be a pro since I have been wearing overlays for 20 yrs now, wow its been that long). So I did some research on the schools here in Memphis that offered nail training. There are several schools but…always a but. Most only offer the classes in the day and a sista can not quit work to attend nail school LOL. So I had to keep looking. I found one close to my house, but they wanted close to 12K for a 10 mth training. Now remember I am also in graduate school at Strayer University, so I am having to pay for this “hobby” out my pocket so that was definitely not the school I would attend. I got kinda discouraged, but then I found Southern Institute of Cosmetology. The school is located on Perkins and offer a night class and reasonable priced, so it doesn’t break the bank. I start next Tuesday, July 8. I am excited, but we shall see how the body holds up…LOL


About PK

A wife, mother, sister, and aunt. I scrapbook for a hobby. I am a business woman that owns two businesses. I love to talk & meet people. God is working in my life. The mission of this blog is to strengthen marriages. Marriages are the nucleus of our communities and we must nurture and strengthen marriages in order to transform our communities.

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  1. 12k for training to be a Manicurist or the whole Cosmetology Course? To bad your not in California. Our school has a program for less than $1000. Glamour Beauty College in Orange County Southern California.

    Good Luck!

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