Promotional Opportunity

Urban Reviews is offering a golden opportunity for new and established authors to get the first 3 chapters of their books in the hands of thousands of readers. Read the post below and contact Urban Reviews if you are interested. But HURRY space is limited to the first 15 paid submissions.
We just came up with a great idea to promote new and established authors that will be beneficial for all!
Some of you may be familiar with promotional booklets featuring excerpts from a couple of different author’s books. They are handed out to potential readers in hopes that they will be enticed into purchasing the books.
This is a classic approach to reaching readers…but how about a FLASH DRIVE with more than just a single chapter of your work for readers to enjoy?
That’s right. Flash Drives are becoming so inexpensive that it is almost commonplace for everyone to have one. When is the last time you saved something to a floppy disk? Well, how about taking an old school approach and bringing it into the new school with a twist?
We here at Urban Reviews will be hosting book events in Milwaukee. We just had the inaugural Great Midwest Book Fest in July 2009. We have another event slated for October 31st and will again host the Great Midwest Book Fest in June 2010. What we propose is including a flash drive of book excerpts (either in Word or PDF format) to hand to attendees at our events.
Here’s the deal…in order to be included on the Flash Drive, you have to agree to:
1) Submit 1-3 chapters of your book to us by October 9th @
2) Agree to remit payment of $30 via paypal or by money order (email us at for our mailing address) by October 9th. The fee for inclusion on the flash drives guarantees you will be on every flash drive distributed for the next TWO YEARS.
3) Declare in an email or in writing to us that we have permission to include your excerpts on the flash drives for the next 2 years. (we are not doing this to be sued or anything! LOL!)
Only the first 15 authors will get in on the deal this time around…Another opportunity will not come around again until the next book event. But once you have paid, your excerpt will be included on all flash drives for the next 2 years. There will be a postcard created with a picture of all 15 books that have excerpts featured on the flash drive. The flash drive will be taped to the postcard. Future distributions will have more than one postcard since additional excerpts will be added to the flash drive.
This will help spread the word to avid readers about your books…not just any Jo Smo walking down the street.
Hurry…once the 15 spots are taken, there will be no more added until the next time we host an event! If you have any questions, FB message me or email me at
Radiah of Urban Reviews















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