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Meet Nicole S. Rouse, author of Someone to Love Me

Nicole Rouse picSol Searching: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me today. Please introduce and re-introduce my readers to Ms. Nicole S. Rouse.

Nicole S. Rouse: I am the author of two novels, Happily Ever Now and Someone to Love Me. Born and raised in West Philadelphia, I currently reside in Chicago where I am an editor at one of the largest education publishing companies.

 Sol Searching: When did you start putting your thoughts down on paper in the form of a story?

Nicole S. Rouse: Growing up, I lived with a very loving, protective, and strict grandmother. As a child, I couldn’t stay outside as long as the other children, I couldn’t talk on the phone past a certain hour, and I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until I graduated from high school. Although I understand my grandmother’s rules now, it bothered me at a young age. So instead of rebelling, I picked up a pencil and wrote stories about all the places I wished I could be, and about all the fun I believed the other children were having without me. So, I guess in many ways, my grandmother gave me motivation and a reason to write.

 Sol Searching: Who and/or what inspired you to write?

Nicole S. Rouse: Life. There are so many facets of life that can be explored and written about from different points of view. I am intrigued by relationships; what makes some successful and others fail. For this reason, I create realistic stories that explore why people react the way they do in various situations. For many of us, life is complicated. But, it is my hope that readers will not only be blessed and entertained by my stories, but that they’ll challenge themselves and open a platform for conversations to take place that will heal and/or bless others.

 Sol Searching: Tell us about your latest book. How did it come about? What is the concept behind it? When was it released?

Nicole S. Rouse: Someone to Love Me was released June 2009 by Urban Christian. Someone to Love Me is a story about two people who made several bad decisions and have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Jerome Thomas and Taylor Belle were involved in a long-term affair, hurting their spouses and close friends. As readers will see through the lives of the characters, there are consequences to everything we do, good and not so good. The main characters discover that the repercussions of their decision to have an affair, not only affects them and their spouses, but it also affects everything around them– their children, family, friends, jobs, and health.  SOME-ONE-TO-LOVE-ME

 As a result of Jerome and Taylor’s affair, a child was produced. Sixteen years later, Jerome has to deal with the headstrong and defiant daughter he decided to alienate. There are several questions he has to answer and he discovers that establishing a father-daughter relationship does not come easy.

 Taylor, on the other hand, finds it hard to bond with her firstborn because of guilt. She looses control of her daughter and quickly learns that she must release her burden and admit her mistakes in order to maintain a happy and healthy home.

 Sol Searching: Why should readers go out and buy this book?

Nicole S. Rouse: Someone to Love Me is a realistic story that will take readers on an emotional journey as they follow each character. Filled with intrigue, readers will discover if Jerome and Taylor allow God to mend old wounds and restore the love in their lives, or if they are destined to suffer the consequences of their past sins for years to come. This story will help readers understand that there are consequences for every action. Although Jerome and Taylor’s affair ended years ago, the repercussions of their actions eventually came to light.

 Sol Searching: What’s next for you?

Nicole S. Rouse: I am in the finishing stages of my third novel, Be Careful What You Pray For (tentatively scheduled to release in November 2010). I am also working on a play for my first novel, Happily Ever Now.

 Sol Searching: You have two published books under your credit now. What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a published author?

Nicole S. Rouse: Never give up! No matter how many query letters you send without a favorable reply, or how many doors seem to close, continue to write and stay connected with the literary community. Being a part of a writing community very beneficial. You become exposed to so many events and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. You also meet different people who may be able to help you along the way.

 On my website, I list ten great tips for new and aspiring writers in a little more detail. You can visit: for more information.

 When I decided I wanted to write books, I did a lot of research. I looked for all the publishing companies that published books in my genre. I volunteered at various nonprofit organizations and local newspapers to strengthen my writing skills and gain experience. I participated in writing workshops and organizations. I also took a few college-level writing courses. All of these things have helped me during my journey. The experience and the people I interacted with along the way have all deposited something into my writing and helped to open doors that had previously been closed.

 Sol Searching: How can my audience contact you for book signing opportunities, guest appearances at their book club meetings, and/or order your book?

Nicole S. Rouse: I can be reached through my assistant Pamela Swearengen-King: phone: 206-376.0735, email: I can also be reached by email:, or through my website: My novels can be purchased at all major bookstores or you can order online through my website:

 Sol Searching: Nicole, thank you for sitting down with me and allowing my readers a peek into your life and the lives of your characters.

Nicole S. Rouse:  No, thank you for allowing me to introduce your readers to my latest novel, Someone to Love Me. I would also like to thank all the book clubs that have chosen my book for their reading selections and the readers that continue to support me. Without each of you, there would be no me! Thanks!

Someone to Love Me book excerpt


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