Raw Pathways-Vegetarian Month


October is National Vegetarian Awareness Month

(an excerpt from www.therawroutine.com)

Happy National Vegetarian Month! Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan or raw, chances are, you eat vegetables 🙂

This month, try to up the ante in your health. If you’re a meat-eater, pledge to add at least two more fruits and vegetables to your day. If you’re vegetarian, how about shifting towards non-dairy drinks and egg substitutes. If you’re vegan, buy local and organic produce from your farmer’s market and if you’re raw, pledge to introduce one new friend to raw foods each week, either by speaking with them about it or preparing a meal. In the coming month I’m going to be doing interviews with vegetarians about how they came to “go veg” and what their struggles and goals are. Stay tuned!


I have the pleasure of talking with Beatrice Johnson, president of Raw Pathways, to learn more about vegetarianism and vegetarian month. For those of you like me, unfamiliar with vegetarianism, the interview on Monday, October 19, at 8pm will benefit ya! Call in to Sol Searching Radio show tonight at 8p.m (CST). Guest call in number (347) 989-1786.

 Beatrice Johnston, President of Raw Pathways is a Raw Food Consultant dedicated to helping people at all stages of their health to improve it by adding fresh plant based foods. With over 20 years of eating a vegetarian diet she offers solid, practical principles that fuel the transition to a healthy lifestyle . As a raw food consultant she has appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine, published several articles about health and wellness, and maintains an active blog.
Photo of Beatrice Beatrice has spent over two decades studying nutrition and health, not as a medical professional but as someone constantly seeking a better understanding and expanded knowledge of their health. At 16 she became a vegetarian and gradually (over 23 years) took the steps toward become more dependent on natural food for energy and health and less dependent on the “non-foods” sold in supermarkets. As a result, she has completely cured fluctuating weight issues, all allergies, and most wonderfully – asthma! She rejoices in no longer needing to check her purse when leaving the house (for an inhaler) and celebrates not having needed an asthma shot, inhaler or oxygen treatment in over 5 years and directly attributes it to her dietary changes.

What Beatrice offers as a teacher, mentor and journalist are years of experience, trials, temptations and triumphs and a way to empower both the mind and the body by continually gaining knowledge about how the body responds to every single change.

Beatrice would love to talk with you tonight and answer your questions about being a vegetarian. Don’t forget to call in to Sol Searching Radio show tonight at 8p.m (CST). Guest call in number (347) 989-1786.


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