Writers Block


So you sit down to start writing and low and behold you have writers block. What do you do? I know most of us have heard that you should just continue writing something don’t lift the pen off the paper just write, write, and write. This should help with removing the block and get your creative juices flowing, but what should you do if that doesn’t work.

Would you just get up and try again later? Would you start a new project and just strap this one? What are some good options to try to remove writers block.

I found a great article written by Melissa DonovanĀ at Writing Forward (http://www.writingforward.com/creative-writing/25-creative-writing-prompts) to help motivate your writing mind. She list 25 creative ways to prompt your writing mojo.

Ok, so what are you waiting on…visit her website to learn the 25 creative ways to prompt your writing mojo and get to writing!

About PK

A wife, mother, sister, and aunt. I scrapbook for a hobby. I am a business woman that owns two businesses. I love to talk & meet people. God is working in my life. The mission of this blog is to strengthen marriages. Marriages are the nucleus of our communities and we must nurture and strengthen marriages in order to transform our communities.

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