Social Media Impact on Business


Facebook. Twitter. Blogging. Website. LinkedIn. These are the buzz words/sites that are taking over virtual marketing today. Social media marketing is the new way businesses are reaching out to their target market; however, some executives are intimidated or overwhelmed with the task of updating their social sites on a daily basis. To properly engage potential customers, business owners must build their online presence.

Maintaining an active online presence can boost the companies sales and customer base. As a business owner, you are probably thinking “Oh no, not something else to add to my overflowing plate of responsibilities!”

Savvy business owners are enlisting the help of a Virtual Assistant (VA) to manage their social accounts. Hiring a VA will allow the business owner to continue to focus on revenue generating tasks while the VA maintains the business online presence.

The internet is the go to place for people when they are looking for information about products and services. The internet is the most powerful tool potential customers will use to begin their search for a product, service, or organization. Maintaining an updated website and social media presence will help build your company brand and establish brand loyalty.

A VA can ensure that your business has an updated website and that your status on social media sites are updated regularly. Hiring a VA to manage your social presence will ensure that your business is remaining competitive and help build strong relationships online, monitor your brand reputation online, and gain support for your products or services by publicizing them online to establish a good image for your brand. Getting information to your customers in a timely manner and increasing your satisfied customer base is PRICELESS!

CMB Virtual Assistants, is a business support company, that offers social media services. CMB VA will ensure your business has an online presence without you adding any additional task to your already full day whilst your business still benefiting from the social media interaction. Pamela King, Virtual Office Manager, states “Companies today are utilizing social media sites as a way to reach their target market without jeopardizing their budget and manpower.”

Contact CMB Virtual Assistants to plan your strategic strategy to enhance your social media presence.

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