2010 AAMBC Awards


African Americans On the Move Book Club are accepting nominees for the 2010 Literary Awards. The official nomination process began on November 1 and ends  on December 15, 2009. During this time period you will have the opportunity to nominate some of the greats who made a strong impact in 2009. 

CMB Virtual Assistants, http://www.cmbvirtualassistants.com, work with several clients that have had a strong impact on and in the literary world.  Please nominate the following individuals for the categories listed below.

To nominate an individual or group send an email to aambcvoting@gmail.com  Subject: 2010 Literary Nominee. In the body of the email list the name of nominee and the category and hit send. Voila! your vote is cast. 

 And the nominees are:
Nicole S. Rouse:  Female Author of the Year

Sol Searching blog talk radio show (www.blogtalkradio.com/Sol-Searching): Literary Talk Show of the Year Sol Searching www.blogtalkradio.com/Sol-Searching

Sol Searching blog (https://solsearching.wordpress.com): Blog of the Year

Sophisticated Souls Book Club, Memphis: Bookclub of the Year

Thanks for your vote!


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