Memphis own City Taste


Taste of Memphis Memphis own, Kim Hill, has definitely changed the way Memphians look at and taste food. She is living the mission of City Taste by increasing the awareness and educating the residents of Memphis in regards to food selection, healthy eating, and resturant selections.   

Ms. Hill has taken this education and awareness a step futher by planning a City Taste right here in Memphis, TN. Her vision for City Taste is to provide attendees with the opportunity to eat their way through 63,000 square feet of food of every type, from Greek to Japanese, American to Mexican and from hot wings to steak from white tablecloth chefs to fried chicken cooks, to barbecue pitmasters to peanut farmers. Memphis City Taste gives you the opportunity to try any and everything that you can imagine!



This tasteful event will take place in Memphis on October 8 and 9. There is entertainment, a VIP Lounge,  and of course food planned for this two day event. Cigar rolling, Vodka tasting, and a cocktail party are just a few of the planned activities guests are sure to enjoy.

This event will be the largest speciality marketplace of its kind on this side of the Mississippi and an event that the family can enjoy…

If you love food, enjoy good music, and just want to have a great time while experiencing some of the delicacies Memphis has to offer, then this is the event for you. For more information, visit You can also find City Taste on facebook at: where you will receive updates about the event, find recipes, and plain ole good places to eat GREAT food.

Make your plans now to be in attendance…I would hate for you to hear about it after the event!

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About the Founder:

Kimberley Hill, CEO & President

Kim HillKimberley is the COO of City Tasting Tours, Inc in Memphis, TN.

She received her B.A. in Communications and a minor in Public Administration at the University of Memphis. She is currently working on M.B.A. from The University of  Memphis. Kimberley is a Member of the National Restaurant Association, as well as the

local Memphis Chapter, she is also listed as Culinary Enthusiast with the American Culinary Federation.



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