Stop being defensive…


Ok, I was attempting to report on the news topics as they happen. The hottest news topic in the South is the Eddie Long sex scandal. This story is causing an outpouring of opinions and heated discussions.

Eddie Long is a highly respected pastor of a mega church. He has sat at the table with dignitaries and influential people; however, that does not negate his actions towards young boys.

Regardless of his position, touching, kissing, fondling young boys is outright wrong. As an adult, he should have been protecting the boys not trying [did] to have sex with them. When his followers stop and think about it, he had to do some of the things the boys are say he did.

No one in their right frame of mind would oust a Mega Preacher & didn’t have their shit together. Let’s look at the facts: 4 boys alleged [Eddie Long] had inappropriate relations with them; there is a paper trail of him [Long] spending money on the young men; they did attend his church & was under his direct supervision. There are many more facts….

So the questions New Birth Missionary Baptist Church members should be asking is Bishop Long please explain your actions? He must address these allegations & address them right.

It’s not me who put him out here in front of the media but his own actions. If he had used a few of the scriptures to tame his fleshly wishes then he probably wouldn’t be in this mess. He is a member of the clergy & knows the bible back & forth. He also knows that when the flesh is weak the best defense is to go to God in prayer & to remove himself from the temptations. Did he do that? NO!

He continued pasturing the church & getting more and more boys into his double life. Wrong is wrong people…If this was a Catholic priest, you would be saying castrate him, but since its your minister, a black man, & a well connected man you are saying people are judging him to harshly, he didn’t do it, leave him alone.

Where are your words of sympathy for the victims or the true victims in this case: Longs wife & children?

So before those diehard followers for the man [LONG] get their panties in a wad you need to address your pastor and how he has disgraced his family, GOD, and the church. Stop chastising those of us that are asking the hard questions.



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