How Sanitary is Your Nail Salon?


Many of you have seen an influx of salons (hair & nail) come into your neighborhoods.  Yes, the economy has given some the idea to skip on some practices while providing you with “professional” nail and hair services, but is these salons professional if they overlook some important safety & sanitation procedures? We in the beauty industry call these types of salons Non-Standard Salon (NSS).

A NSS is basically a salon that does not follow standard safety & sanitation policies and procedures. I know you are thinking right now that I am basically talking about Asian salons. No, not only their salons but any salon/shop that fail to follow the sanitation and safety procedures that are set by their State.

These shops are damaging the nails of women & men daily. Most of the time to offer the prices so cheap, they are using illegal & or substandard products such as products that contain Methyl Methacrylate (MMA).  MMA is a hard product & illegal product. Those that uses this type of product must scratch up/scrap your nail bed to ensure that acrylic will stick to your nails.

When you visit one of these NSS, as a consumer you have the right to ask the products they are using & the container it comes out of. Most have the product on their station with no labels. That is a big NO NO! Always know what brand of product they are using.

You should also be concerned with the pedicure tubs that are being used in NSS. Ask them about their sanitation procedures. Ask them to see the cleaning log for the pedi tubs. These tubs must be cleaned after each & every client. It takes more than wiping the tub down with the towel they just dried your feet off with. Remember these tubs have jets & the jets and filters are catching all the dirty & debris from each client feet. Do you want to put your feet in a tub of water that someone else skin is floating in?

Our jobs as Nail Technicians is to ENHANCE the natural nail not destroy the nails. It is also our job and responsibility to follow rules and laws and provide a safe and sanitary environment for people to receive services. You can receive a professional safe & sanitary service it a reasonable price; so please don’t confuse reasonable price to mean that salon/shop is an NSS.

To determine if the salon/shop you would like to visit or visiting is a NSS, your first step would be to walk in the door. Is the salon clean? Watch how they sanitize after each client? See if they dispose of items after each client or do they use the same wooden stick, sanding bands, etc on each & every client? Look for their valid business license & latest health inspection score posted on the wall visible to everyone. Make sure each nail tech that works on you has a licensed posted & it is valid.

This is your hands & health that is very important to you…Do your homework! Not all salons/shops are NSS. You can receive professional sanitized nail services. There are plenty or quality salons in every city.

If you need help in finding a quality salon in your city, please just leave a comment. I am a full-time nail tech in Memphis, TN at Salon de Sol & I am a member of an elite group of nail techs that values the industry, sanitation, & the safety of our clients. So I will be more than happy to help you find a nail salon.

Watch this video about what could happen to you if you visited an NSS:

How Sanitary is your Nail Salon? I want to know…..



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    • Attorney2be, ask them if that file they are using is sanitizable? If it is, tell them you wouldn’t mind if they used on that was already sanitize or use a new one. Germs & bacteria can thrive on nail files & you do not want to get an infection just for receiving a manicure.

    • That is great! There are some great salons out there that will follow proper sanitation procedures. I’m glad you are patronizing a professional salon that believes in sanitation.

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