Guilty on all counts….but



Jessie Dotson

Convicted Murder-Jessie Dotson


Jessie Dotson, the sole killer in the Lester Street Murders, was found guilty on 6 counts of first degree murder & guilty on 3 counts of attempted first degree murder. It took the jury 2 hours to find him guilty. Now 2 hours is that enough time to really go over all the evidence, talk amongst yourself, & discuss the case?

The Lester Street Murders (LST) case was two weeks long, hundreds of evidence shown, & a slue of witnesses. So can a jury really deliberate a high profile case of this magnitude in 2 hours?

The jury, even though they were chosen from a jury poll in Nashville, had to feel the pressure that someone [Jessie Dotson] had to go down for this heinous crime. With all that pressure and today being their first chance of talking to each other about the case, how in the hell did they talk about all the evidence, all the forensic science, all the witnesses, & most importantly how did they discuss the kids testimony in 2 hours? It’s impossible.

Yes 9 people are dead & yes they were killed in an atrocious manner, but their families deserve to put the real killer(s) in jail.

I really hope Jessie know he is going to get the strongest sentence that the judge can give him. The Judge believed he


Jessie Dotson testifying

Jessie Dotson testifying


was guilty from the start, so Jessie all I can tell you is to get right with the Lord.

Jessie definitely knows what happened in that house. Jessie definitely know who helped him kill his family; however, Jessie feel is safer for him to take the fall for these murders to save the lives of his remaining family.

The problem still stands in a high profile case, juries NEVER deliberates properly. Take your time & read your notes, review the evidence. They really could use a 6 Sigma Process: which would have helped them to identify & minimize [remove] any evidence that was a contradiction or varied from the actual physical evidence.   Nooooo they went on their own personal feelings & to see a baby stabbed & killed at tender ages will make anyone with a soul & heart convict, but was that the right thing to do?

There was plenty of doubt in this case but someone had to go down for it….so down Jessie went.

Do you really think a jury can be impartial & deliberate pertaining to the evidence.

Source for more information about the Lester Street Murder trial which includes more videos.



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