Discounted Services…Yes or No?


How do you feel about discounting your services/products? At one time, businesses frowned on discounting their services to attract new customers or to retain customers; however, the times have changed.

Due to the decline in sales, companies have to think outside the box to increase sales. To assist businesses with increasing sales, such sites such as Groupon, Inside Scoop, and others have emerged. The premise for these companies is to offer businesses the opportunity to advertise to their database of millions of readers without the “huge” cost associated with advertising.

MP Mueller said it best in the article, Is Groupon Good for Small Business, ‘As more and more people are learning, social coupons can give businesses exposure…’ This exposure could give businesses the boast they need.

So just what are these “social coupons” websites? These sites feature businesses for a specified amount of time, send an email blast to their opt-in email database, and will also handle all the backend process, i.e. payment processing.

The business responsibility is to be ready for the influx of customers that will call, visit, and purchase from their establishment. You say that’s too easy…well the proof is in the numbers. Visit Groupon and The Inside Scoop, just to name a few, website and read the testimonies.

Do your research! You must determine if discounting your service will benefit your company in the long run. Do you think there will be any back lash from the new customers that you attract when they realize the “real” price of your services or products?

This is a great way for businesses to reach a target market without having to spend millions…Give it a try and let us know the results.

Tell us your story with using a social coupon site…..


P.S. There are several companies that specializes in social coupons. You must do your research and read the fine print. Sol Searching blog does not endorse any social coupon site, nor have we received compensation.





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