New direction


Hello everyone…

Its the beginning of a new week; which means a new list of things to do & goals. As I was writing my to do list, I realized that my life is taking on a New DIRECTION.

As you begin to take control of your life, more & more things become clear to you.

With that said, I must be true to the mission & vision I first had with this blog. Starting today this blog will be about life, decisions, & truly Sol (Soul) Searching.

My initial purpose was to help others & myself achieve our true potential while getting out of our own way.

I want to thank the past contributors & authors that used Sol Searching as a platform; however, we must return to our original platform.

Subscribers get ready to Sol Search.



About PK

A wife, mother, sister, and aunt. I scrapbook for a hobby. I am a business woman that owns two businesses. I love to talk & meet people. God is working in my life. The mission of this blog is to strengthen marriages. Marriages are the nucleus of our communities and we must nurture and strengthen marriages in order to transform our communities.

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