Loyalty? Does it exist?


Being a friend, mother, sister, wife are the many hats I wear. I always pride myself on being true to those in my circle; however, Im finding out that circle doesn’t come completely around.

I birthed two children. They were my life. I gave up myself to make sure my girls never wanted for anything. I was their sole provider. Their dad wasn’t around.

My eldest daughter stayed with my mom for a couple months just until I got on my feet.

I provided everything always was there for them but now the story is different.

My kids have turned their backs on me. Nothing I do is right. I get no calls plus they never come & visit. This is in part to them taking sides with others.

Im not perfect by no means but they are not either. Im at my lowest point in my life & can’t do what Ive always done.

I just believe there should be some loyalty to your mother especially if shes always been there.

Im just trying to figure out what I did wrong. Why my own kids won’t be loyal to me. Love me the way I love them.

Im hurt & 4 years of pulling away is killing me, literally.

Loyalty does it exist?


About PK

A wife, mother, sister, and aunt. I scrapbook for a hobby. I am a business woman that owns two businesses. I love to talk & meet people. God is working in my life. The mission of this blog is to strengthen marriages. Marriages are the nucleus of our communities and we must nurture and strengthen marriages in order to transform our communities.

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