Ozeri Green Earth Wok


You guys know how much I love cooking especially when it with the hubby. I had the opportunity to review the Ozeri Green Earth Wok.

Product Details

Let me tell ya, this Wok is awesome. Its ceramic coating allows for  a non-sticking cooking.  So you know I had to put this to the test. I am a pretty good cook but lately I have been burning the food. LOL

For our date night, two weeks ago I cooked us some chicken stir fry. I loved the fact that I could cook everything in the pot and there was no sticking. Actually, I thought I was a real chef and started moving the food around in the pan  like they do on TV. (Yeah, I love food shows).

The Ozeri Green  Earth Wok withheld under the pressure of me cooking & the hubby being silly so it gets two thumbs up!

If you are looking for Earth friendly products then this wok is for you. It is 100: PTFE and PFOA free. For my green guys and girls, this is the perfect cookware to add to your kitchen.

​A little about Ozeri

​ Ozeri specifically make products for the modern home. Ozeri utilizes award winning designs, innovative materials to make long lasting quality product.

To get more information about Ozeri and see the other great earth friendly products they make, visit their website  or Amazon page and you can make a  purchase at their store.

I plus other bloggers of the Pitch List are giving our readers an opportunity to win a product from Ozeri. Check out the other bloggers and enter the giveaway here.

Disclosure: I did receive this product FREE to review; however, the words and opinion expressed in this post are all mines and not influenced by no one.


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