Baby Cargo-The Georgi Stroller Bag

Baby Cargo-The Georgi Stroller Bag

Oh my, I had the pleasure of reviewing Baby Cargo The Georgi Stroller Bag & let me sum it up in one word of what I thought about this bag: VERSATILE.

Baby Cargo Georgi BagThis bag  was & is a life saver.  It fits perfectly on the stroller but it also fits perfectly as a cross the shoulder bag.

We used this bag as a diaper bag to carry my 1year old items in. It would have her diapers, a mason jar full of milk (to refill her sippy cup), her snacks, and all the other stuff she needs. We had plenty of room and room enough to put my stuff in there.

When I knew we were going out with the baby, I  would forgo my purse & use the Georgi Stroller bag as a purse. Yes, it had plenty of room to house all the stuff a mommy needs LOL

Just what is the Georgi Stroller bag

The Georgi bag is the fashionable diaper bag that is versatile to be your go to handbag when its you and the baby! The Georgi bag fits perfectly on hand(les) of your stroller, your bottles are stowed, your hands are free, which free you up to do other things with your hands & limits all the bags we are known to have when we are out and about with the baby/child.   Brass details like grommets that slide smartly over your umbrella stroller handles and stylishly zippered seams lend heft and style, at once. But what transforms Georgi from fashion item to stroller bag “must” is versatility: beautiful lightweight fabric, a sturdy shoulder strap that snaps to your full-service stroller bar, and a wealth of pockets mean everything stays neatly in place.

  • Beautiful lightweight fabric, brass details & stylishly zippered seams
  • Universal Handle Hooks
  • Brass grommet rings for umbrella strollers
  • Attachment snaps for strollers with one handle
  • Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 2-side bottle pockets
  • 7 interior pockets (1 lipstick, 1 wallet, 1 phone, 1 sunglass, 2 diaper pockets and 1 changing pad pocket)
  • 5 exterior pockets (2 side bottle pockets, 1 zippered center front pocket, 2 front pockets)
  • Zip closure to secure items

How did we use the Georgi BagGeorgi Bag full

Well, let me tell you: My hubby thought I had purchased myself a new purse that’s just how much I was using it. We used it as the diaper bag & go to bag for us when we went out. It was so light weight that I didn’t realize how much I had put in it until I was cleaning it out.

We also used it as our exercise equipment bag to carry our stuff we needed for our exercise class. This is my daughter with the bag around her neck:

Daughter & Georgi bag

The bag was so lightweight that I could carry it and hold my daughter without even realizing I had the bag as well as her.

Me, the baby & the bag

Overall, I love this bag. Any mom, grandmom, aunt, dad, granddad, uncle that is on the go with a baby & need a bag that will be lightweight, versatile and stylish I suggest you get a Baby Cargo Georgi Stroller bag.

The Georgi bag

Disclaimer: I received the Georgi bag free of charge; however, all statements regarding this bag is my own & was not persuaded by anyone or any promises.


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