Hackers hacked Twitter


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

The trending topic this weekend is Twitter hacked. Yes, hackers may have gotten over 250,000 of Twitter users information. Twitter reported on their blog that they noticed unauthorized access attempts to their user information.

The authorities at be at Twitter is actively trying to restore security to those accounts & to rebuild their creditability with their followers. Those affected by theĀ  breach will be contacted by Twitter & required to reset their password before they are able to reestablish their accounts.

How to protect your account from hackers:

  1. Passwords should be strong which includes a combination of numbers, letters (capital and lower case) plus special characters
  2. Passwords should not be something known about you, ie, your name, children name, your DOB or any identifying information
  3. Passwords for all your internet accounts should not be the same
  4. Change your password regularly
  5. When changing your password, don’t just change one character change all characters.

As we know, where there is a will there is a way. We must be proactive against hackers. So change your password often and be creative with your passwords.


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