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Brand Your Event for Maximum Impact


At some point in all of our business lives we must host an event. If you sell a product, that could mean a limited time only sale, a “private access” trunk show or an experience that gets them into the door. For us service based businesses that means getting in front of people that need our services and talking to them to show them how our service brings results.

Starting from the beginning, you need an effective name. What holds true in branding your company also holds true here. Naming is soooo very important. It’s the reason many businesses are not doing as well as they could be doing, and why some events are not well attended, though the content may be amazing. In our visual world, the name is the first impression, and we all know first impressions are hard to change.

As you’re doing that, try to also come up with an interactive call and response. I love the events I attend where the audience in unison says something in response to the speaker. It always makes you feel bonded to the team. It’s like that commercial where the chef says “Set it” and the audience responds “And Forget It.” Now, your call and response doesn’t have to be commercial tv quality, but something that keeps the group interactive and going along with you will boost morale and keep the energy in the room high.

Use posters or powerpoint to create a branded environment. Even if you’re not using powerpoint slides, it’s a good idea to have a projection on the wall or on a screen that builds that impact and let’s attendees know they’re in the right place. In a small space, this feels good because it brings a theme to the room without doing a decor overhaul, and in a larger space it customizes the space and gives you more control.

Put your logo on the nametags, handouts, signup forms and all other printed materials. I have a custom ID tag that I use when attending events, but most people do not. A printed name tag with their name and you logo is always better than those peel and stick labels that they write on with a marker. Also, be sure to put your logo and web address in the corner of anything you hand out.

Invest in custom napkins, cups, note pads and other materials used for your event.
There are a few resources on the web that allow you to print small quantities of branded items and they don’t have to cost a small fortune. This add impressive impact to your event and go a long way. You don’t have to customize everything, that would be overkill, but choose 2-3 elements that will have a memorable impact on your attendees, even if they’re disposable. This one steps helps you stand out against all the other generic events on the market and builds brand equity as well.

Make sure your signage helps attendees easily find you. There’s nothing worse than rushing to get to an event and then getting the run-around when trying to find the room or building. It’s a nightmare and transforms the mentality of the attendee to a negative one that you then have to overcome.

Let’s skip that barrier and make sure you have signs – and people – able to assist anyone attending your event from the point of entry for your building, and even from the street if your building is in a complex location (such as a college campus). This will also help you feel more at ease because the room will fill up quicker and can begin on time.

Brand Yourself. We can’t forget the most important asset in your business – YOU! The branding isn’t complete if it’s the room, the registration and the display. Since you’ll be an integral part of the event we also need to make sure we brand you. The simplest way to do this is to wear something that’s brand attractive, such as the colors of your outfit or the accessories that you use. Let these be a reflection of your brand and make sure not to wear an overbearing fragrance (I prefer to play it safe and not wear any, in case anyone may be allergic).

Each of these suggestions are simple and affordable ways that you can brand your event. Many of them you can do yourself, and for those that you can’t you can find a supplier online that meets your budget. Remember to brand smart and be sure not to go into brand overkill, and make your event a fun and memorable one, ok?

Need help with your branding? How about booking a 1 hour strategy session? It’ll push you past the barriers that may be keeping you stuck and allow you to get one to your passion. Call me at 888-YOU-BRAND (or 201-984-5984 for international dialers) and we’ll make it happen, ok Pamela?


Article by Beatrice Johnston, Director, http://www.Brand | All Rights Reserved.



Self Publishing: Is it for you?


So you have a manuscript in your hand now what? How do you get your book on the shelves of book stores & in the hands of your readers? Should you go to a mega publishing company to publish your book or will it be easier for you to self publish?  First thing first is to do your research. Know the difference between self publishing and traditional publishing. There are several websites to help you understand the difference such as to get information about how to self publish.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Valerie Coleman, of Pen of the Writer, twice last year about Mastering Self Publishing. Ms. Coleman gave several important items that authors should seriously consider & do. Such as filing for  an LLC to protect your personal assets from your business assets.

She answers the following important questions: How to protect yourself? How to get an EIN? How to get an ISBN? The below interview is full of great information. To get the answer to these and other questions you may have in regards to self publishing make sure you listen to both recordings. Make sure you have a pen & paper handy as you listen to the recordings. Myself & Valerie will give you important information and websites that you will need to jot down.

Mastering Self Publishing Pt. 1

Mastering Self Publishing Pt. 2

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Valerie L. Coleman has been called to help writers get their books published. Walking in her purpose, she helped to establish a publishing company for Christian books and plays. She edited manuscripts, handled financial matters, ensured the accuracy of print specifications and managed book inventory. Coleman has since spread her wings and established her own company, Pen Of the WritER or POWER, InfiniPromoter’s 2008 Best Publisher. For more information about Valerie L. Coleman visit Pen of the Writer website.

McDonald’s beating


Most teenagers’ first job is in a fast food restaurant & McDonald’s is a favorite. Jerelle Gray was no different than any other teenager in his senior year of high school at Bolton High. He was working, making his own money, and preparing to graduate in May. However, in February, Jerelle Gray was brutally beaten up by his manager while he was at work. Gray worked at McDonalds on Austin Peay in Memphis, TN.

Jackson Martin-McDonalds Manager

Jackson Martin, then McDonald’s manager, got into a verbal altercation with Gray over a shift change. The verbal assault led to a physical assault where Gray received substantial head and nose injuries.

Gray was a dedicated employee of McDonalds. Often times, he would work extra shifts as needed to assist with the shortage of workers. This particular night was no different. Gray came in on his off day to assist & was left to work the store alone with no manager. When Martin did arrive to work, late, he pursued to harass Gray and the fight began.

Gray attorney, D’Army Bailey, has filed a civil lawsuit against McDonalds for failure to protect Gray, an employee, and robbing him of his senior year in high school. Gray’s attorneys want a jury to hear the case.

Finally, maybe the Gray family can put this horrific incident behind them.



22 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed


Social Media is the new wave in everything we do in our daily lives & business. Most people figure they are social media savvy, Mashable has an article listed today that shares 22 essential social media resources.

It would behoove you to bookmark this list and revisit the list to refresh you memory in regards to social media resources.

Enjoy the reading because I did….

22 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed.


Brand Excitement


I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Beatrice Johnson on Sol Searching Blog Talk Radio show  in 2009. She is an amazing woman & I have been following her work since our initial meeting over a year ago.

Brand ExcitementJohnson company, Brand Excitement, recently celebrated the one year mark when Johnson turned her on again/off again freelance practice into a full-time business. Brand Excitement process is simple….Express..Excite..Expand.

In the recent bi-weekly ezine I receive from Brand Excitement, was an article on Examing Everything to make your business more visible. Listed was a 7-step process/exercise to get your business on a solid foundation to great visibility.

It is a great short article detailing the 7 steps. Step # 6 stood out the most to me: Exceed their Expectations. Go far and beyond what the customer/client is expecting and exceed what they could get from your competitor.

The article definitely is a thought provoking..Sol Searching..article for the business owner. Take the time now to read the complete article and begin to implement the suggestions in your own business to increase brand excitement & visibility.


New Couple Alert: Bass Pro Shop & Memphis, TN


Bass Pro ShopsWell, well, well…its been five years in the making. The City of Memphis allowed the Executives at Bass Pro Shop to pimp them out & string them along for five full years. Bass Pro President Jim Hagale was in Memphis on Wednesday to sign the contract for a 20 year lease. Now Memphians should be happy because Mayor Wharton & the other city officials are ecstatic about what Bass Pro is [suppose] to do for the city.

Memphis Pyramid

Picture courtesy of Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ok let’s think about this: Bass Pro Shop will fill the Temple of Doom Pyramid with all their Bass Pro stuff in a city that did not embrace the store that is located here off of Macon Road. Now you want us to believe that since Bass Pro is moving  into the Pyramid, Memphians and tourist will travel downtown to buy fishing gear, boats, or to practice archery? I mean really…..

The location is horrible oh but wait, Memphis leaders have agreed to put $30 million into this project because over a 20 year lease Bass Pro Shop will pay over $20 million in lease payments. Don’t let me forget, this will create 1,00o jobs. Will all these jobs be filled with Memphis citizens or will Bass Pro fill these positions with employees from other cities?

I don’t know….there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered…I will stay optimistic but it will be hard!

So what are your thoughts on the marriage of Memphis & Bass Pro?


Do you need a boost?


Sometimes we can get really comfortable [uncomfortable] with the way we do things. We want to change to get a different result but we don’t know how or where to start.

In my daily reading of the many blogs I visit, I came across A. Michelle Blakeley article entitled “7 Creative tips that could change the way you do business.” This short but sweet article gives small business owners some practical ways to increase their business. I really like the one about giving something away FREE if the customer bring in one of your print advertisements. Think about it: this will help you determine the best use of your advertising funds.

Read the full article at:

A little bit about A. Michelle Blakely:

A.Michelle Blakeley is in the listening business. As a Micro Business Therapist, she provides an open-minded and non-judgmental ear to listen to the real issues and concerns that start-up, emerging and women entrepreneurs experience and negotiate solutions through comprehensive discussions and practical micro business plans. She is featured in and the Financial Post as one of 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter, contributor for the San Francisco Examiner and Fearless Woman Magazine; the host of Simple Truths for Women Entrepreneurs on and author of the NEW e-book: “Get it Right and Move Along… a collection of practical tips, tools and techniques for small business owners.”