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eMeals is the simple dinner solution for busy people who want to spend their money wisely and their time with people they love. eMeals is the easy way to be organized, have a well-managed grocery budget and enjoy healthy dinners at home.

If you are serious about organizing your meals and having more time to spend with friends and  family, check out eMeals and their meal planning solutions.



Daily Calorie Intake #gethealthy


So you want to cut back on what you eat and the calories you take in daily but how will you know exactly what you want to take in?

To Lose Weight, a simple chart for tracking your daily calorie count goal vs actual intake will help you stick to a plan.

Use this chart:


Get Organized #gethealthy


How much time do you spend going back and forth from the grocery store for the little things? I know I hate when I am in the middle of cooking and realize that I am missing some of the ingredients I need to finish the meal. Here is a usable and functionalprintable to solve the problem. This list with an eMeals meal plan is all you need for your weekly planning needs.


How to lose weight? #gethealthy


How do you actually lose weight? I know this is a question that many ask daily and often. With so much conflicting information out on the internet, its easy to get confused and don’t understand the proper way of losing weight.  Losing weight will take time, determination, consistency and 500 less calories a day then you take in right now!


Get Healthy this year #gethealthy


We are six days into the new year. Are you sticking to your new year resolutions?

Many set healthy and getting fit resolutions each and every year but do not have a plan of attack to achieve their goals. I am one that have taken on the challenge of getting healthier this year and I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the information but have decided to  just take in information that can help me on my RIGHT now journey.

So I’ve decided to take a few days to help each of us get on track with this eating healthy goal we have.

Are you familiar with the amount of daily calorie intake you should have?


McDonald’s beating


Most teenagers’ first job is in a fast food restaurant & McDonald’s is a favorite. Jerelle Gray was no different than any other teenager in his senior year of high school at Bolton High. He was working, making his own money, and preparing to graduate in May. However, in February, Jerelle Gray was brutally beaten up by his manager while he was at work. Gray worked at McDonalds on Austin Peay in Memphis, TN.

Jackson Martin-McDonalds Manager

Jackson Martin, then McDonald’s manager, got into a verbal altercation with Gray over a shift change. The verbal assault led to a physical assault where Gray received substantial head and nose injuries.

Gray was a dedicated employee of McDonalds. Often times, he would work extra shifts as needed to assist with the shortage of workers. This particular night was no different. Gray came in on his off day to assist & was left to work the store alone with no manager. When Martin did arrive to work, late, he pursued to harass Gray and the fight began.

Gray attorney, D’Army Bailey, has filed a civil lawsuit against McDonalds for failure to protect Gray, an employee, and robbing him of his senior year in high school. Gray’s attorneys want a jury to hear the case.

Finally, maybe the Gray family can put this horrific incident behind them.



Memphis own City Taste


Taste of Memphis Memphis own, Kim Hill, has definitely changed the way Memphians look at and taste food. She is living the mission of City Taste by increasing the awareness and educating the residents of Memphis in regards to food selection, healthy eating, and resturant selections.   

Ms. Hill has taken this education and awareness a step futher by planning a City Taste right here in Memphis, TN. Her vision for City Taste is to provide attendees with the opportunity to eat their way through 63,000 square feet of food of every type, from Greek to Japanese, American to Mexican and from hot wings to steak from white tablecloth chefs to fried chicken cooks, to barbecue pitmasters to peanut farmers. Memphis City Taste gives you the opportunity to try any and everything that you can imagine!



This tasteful event will take place in Memphis on October 8 and 9. There is entertainment, a VIP Lounge,  and of course food planned for this two day event. Cigar rolling, Vodka tasting, and a cocktail party are just a few of the planned activities guests are sure to enjoy.

This event will be the largest speciality marketplace of its kind on this side of the Mississippi and an event that the family can enjoy…

If you love food, enjoy good music, and just want to have a great time while experiencing some of the delicacies Memphis has to offer, then this is the event for you. For more information, visit You can also find City Taste on facebook at: where you will receive updates about the event, find recipes, and plain ole good places to eat GREAT food.

Make your plans now to be in attendance…I would hate for you to hear about it after the event!

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About the Founder:

Kimberley Hill, CEO & President

Kim HillKimberley is the COO of City Tasting Tours, Inc in Memphis, TN.

She received her B.A. in Communications and a minor in Public Administration at the University of Memphis. She is currently working on M.B.A. from The University of  Memphis. Kimberley is a Member of the National Restaurant Association, as well as the

local Memphis Chapter, she is also listed as Culinary Enthusiast with the American Culinary Federation.