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Guilty on all counts….but



Jessie Dotson

Convicted Murder-Jessie Dotson


Jessie Dotson, the sole killer in the Lester Street Murders, was found guilty on 6 counts of first degree murder & guilty on 3 counts of attempted first degree murder. It took the jury 2 hours to find him guilty. Now 2 hours is that enough time to really go over all the evidence, talk amongst yourself, & discuss the case?

The Lester Street Murders (LST) case was two weeks long, hundreds of evidence shown, & a slue of witnesses. So can a jury really deliberate a high profile case of this magnitude in 2 hours?

The jury, even though they were chosen from a jury poll in Nashville, had to feel the pressure that someone [Jessie Dotson] had to go down for this heinous crime. With all that pressure and today being their first chance of talking to each other about the case, how in the hell did they talk about all the evidence, all the forensic science, all the witnesses, & most importantly how did they discuss the kids testimony in 2 hours? It’s impossible.

Yes 9 people are dead & yes they were killed in an atrocious manner, but their families deserve to put the real killer(s) in jail.

I really hope Jessie know he is going to get the strongest sentence that the judge can give him. The Judge believed he


Jessie Dotson testifying

Jessie Dotson testifying


was guilty from the start, so Jessie all I can tell you is to get right with the Lord.

Jessie definitely knows what happened in that house. Jessie definitely know who helped him kill his family; however, Jessie feel is safer for him to take the fall for these murders to save the lives of his remaining family.

The problem still stands in a high profile case, juries NEVER deliberates properly. Take your time & read your notes, review the evidence. They really could use a 6 Sigma Process: which would have helped them to identify & minimize [remove] any evidence that was a contradiction or varied from the actual physical evidence.   Nooooo they went on their own personal feelings & to see a baby stabbed & killed at tender ages will make anyone with a soul & heart convict, but was that the right thing to do?

There was plenty of doubt in this case but someone had to go down for it….so down Jessie went.

Do you really think a jury can be impartial & deliberate pertaining to the evidence.

Source for more information about the Lester Street Murder trial which includes more videos.



McDonald’s beating


Most teenagers’ first job is in a fast food restaurant & McDonald’s is a favorite. Jerelle Gray was no different than any other teenager in his senior year of high school at Bolton High. He was working, making his own money, and preparing to graduate in May. However, in February, Jerelle Gray was brutally beaten up by his manager while he was at work. Gray worked at McDonalds on Austin Peay in Memphis, TN.

Jackson Martin-McDonalds Manager

Jackson Martin, then McDonald’s manager, got into a verbal altercation with Gray over a shift change. The verbal assault led to a physical assault where Gray received substantial head and nose injuries.

Gray was a dedicated employee of McDonalds. Often times, he would work extra shifts as needed to assist with the shortage of workers. This particular night was no different. Gray came in on his off day to assist & was left to work the store alone with no manager. When Martin did arrive to work, late, he pursued to harass Gray and the fight began.

Gray attorney, D’Army Bailey, has filed a civil lawsuit against McDonalds for failure to protect Gray, an employee, and robbing him of his senior year in high school. Gray’s attorneys want a jury to hear the case.

Finally, maybe the Gray family can put this horrific incident behind them.



Is Snitching Ever Justified?


Snitching is not a term of endearment. Normally when you hear someone being called a snitch, your face frowns and you may even shake your head. This is all before getting the information on why the person snitched.

Recently, The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis based newspaper, reported that famed Civil Rights photographer Ernest Withers was an FBI informant during the civil rights movement.

Civil rights photojournalist-Ernest WithersErnest Withers was very handy with the camera. When Blacks civil rights were violated, Withers were there to capture the moment on film. Withers was well known and expected to be in the company of the most powerful civil rights leaders of that time. He would capture their movements and interactions on film to document history. So when Dr. Martin Luther King was shot & killed at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN, there was no surprise that Withers would be somewhere close & would have his camera in hand. But what’s wrong with capturing, what was at that time, the unjustice being bestowed upon his race, you may ask? 

Well nothing if it was at all that simple. Per Marc Perrusquia, a Commercial Appeal reporter, Withers was not just snapping pictures he was snapping information to report back to the FBI. Yes, it is being claimed that Ernest C. Withers was (dare I say it) a SNITCH informant.

 Per FBI documents, found here, Withers was reporting back to the FBI agents every step Dr. Martin Luther King and others were taking and every meeting they were having.  The night before the fatal shot, Withers reported to the FBI agents about a meeting that King had with suspected black militants.

But that wasn’t the first report Withers had given.  It is documented in FBI files that informant ME 338-R, later to be identified as Ernest Withers, had been a paid informant from 1968-1970. He supplied the FBI with the informantion they needed against those they considered a threat to the well being of the country. You know, anyone that did not follow the rules set by “them”. So Withers reported on anyone that was about changing the way Blacks were being treated. He shared pictures, conversations, and locations with the FBI.

The report is filled with high profile names of leaders of the Civil Rights and today. Details concerning Bishop G.E. Patterson, Jerry Fanion, Vasco and Maxine Smith and others are interactions during that period of time is documented by the words of informant ME 338-R.

Withers was a paid informant. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Did Withers know that he was helping the FBI & the government build a case against those that were fighting for our rights? Is it really a bad stigma to be called a SNITCH?

Or should his actions be deemed necessary due to the fact that he was attempting to give them a neutral view of  what Blacks were thinking in regards to politics, business, government, and just everyday living as a Black citizen in the South?

What are your thoughts? Join me in a lively discussion with Notorious Spinks on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 on BlogTalk Radio as we discuss Snitching. The show will air at 8pm CST. Follow this link Sol Searching BlogTalk Radio show to tune in. We would love to hear your views as well…The call in number is 347-989-1786.


Memphis own City Taste


Taste of Memphis Memphis own, Kim Hill, has definitely changed the way Memphians look at and taste food. She is living the mission of City Taste by increasing the awareness and educating the residents of Memphis in regards to food selection, healthy eating, and resturant selections.   

Ms. Hill has taken this education and awareness a step futher by planning a City Taste right here in Memphis, TN. Her vision for City Taste is to provide attendees with the opportunity to eat their way through 63,000 square feet of food of every type, from Greek to Japanese, American to Mexican and from hot wings to steak from white tablecloth chefs to fried chicken cooks, to barbecue pitmasters to peanut farmers. Memphis City Taste gives you the opportunity to try any and everything that you can imagine!



This tasteful event will take place in Memphis on October 8 and 9. There is entertainment, a VIP Lounge,  and of course food planned for this two day event. Cigar rolling, Vodka tasting, and a cocktail party are just a few of the planned activities guests are sure to enjoy.

This event will be the largest speciality marketplace of its kind on this side of the Mississippi and an event that the family can enjoy…

If you love food, enjoy good music, and just want to have a great time while experiencing some of the delicacies Memphis has to offer, then this is the event for you. For more information, visit You can also find City Taste on facebook at: where you will receive updates about the event, find recipes, and plain ole good places to eat GREAT food.

Make your plans now to be in attendance…I would hate for you to hear about it after the event!

# # # # # #

About the Founder:

Kimberley Hill, CEO & President

Kim HillKimberley is the COO of City Tasting Tours, Inc in Memphis, TN.

She received her B.A. in Communications and a minor in Public Administration at the University of Memphis. She is currently working on M.B.A. from The University of  Memphis. Kimberley is a Member of the National Restaurant Association, as well as the

local Memphis Chapter, she is also listed as Culinary Enthusiast with the American Culinary Federation.


New Couple Alert: Bass Pro Shop & Memphis, TN


Bass Pro ShopsWell, well, well…its been five years in the making. The City of Memphis allowed the Executives at Bass Pro Shop to pimp them out & string them along for five full years. Bass Pro President Jim Hagale was in Memphis on Wednesday to sign the contract for a 20 year lease. Now Memphians should be happy because Mayor Wharton & the other city officials are ecstatic about what Bass Pro is [suppose] to do for the city.

Memphis Pyramid

Picture courtesy of Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ok let’s think about this: Bass Pro Shop will fill the Temple of Doom Pyramid with all their Bass Pro stuff in a city that did not embrace the store that is located here off of Macon Road. Now you want us to believe that since Bass Pro is moving  into the Pyramid, Memphians and tourist will travel downtown to buy fishing gear, boats, or to practice archery? I mean really…..

The location is horrible oh but wait, Memphis leaders have agreed to put $30 million into this project because over a 20 year lease Bass Pro Shop will pay over $20 million in lease payments. Don’t let me forget, this will create 1,00o jobs. Will all these jobs be filled with Memphis citizens or will Bass Pro fill these positions with employees from other cities?

I don’t know….there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered…I will stay optimistic but it will be hard!

So what are your thoughts on the marriage of Memphis & Bass Pro?


The National Aids Awareness Day


I attended my first Aids Awareness rally/campaign on Tuesday.  LeMoyne Owen College Community Development Center (LOCCDC), a nonprofit organization specializing in community development in the  SoulsvilleUSA area of Memphis, TN, along with the Shelby County Coalition to Eliminate Syphilis/Memphis Health Center hosted its First Annual HIV/AIDs Awareness Day, at 915 E McLemore Ave in the new Towne Center across from Stax Museum. There was live entertainment, give-a-ways, free food and free HIV and STD testing to the public.

The National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day began in 1995, under the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA), an AIDS organization that believes in making a difference in the lives of all people in our community. The Day was started to promote the importance of early diagnosis and HIV testing. The June 29th SoulsvilleUSA event gave individuals the opportunity to get tested, gain knowledge of the dangers of this disease, how to avoid it and access to resources for help.

The National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day began in 1995, under the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA), an AIDS organization that believes in making a difference in the lives of all people in our community. The Day was started to promote the importance of early diagnosis and HIV testing. The June 29th SoulsvilleUSA event gave individuals the opportunity to get tested, gain knowledge of the dangers of this disease, how to avoid it and access to resources for help.

I must say I was really impressed by the turnout & the infromation that was shared. I’m sure many are still thinking this is a gay man’s disease or it could never happen to me. I’m sad to tell you that no one is immune to this disease. The only way to be assured that you have not contracted AIDS/HIV is to get tested. I took advantage of the free testing & got stuck in my arm with a needle to find out my status.

Please don’t have the attitude that this could never happen to me…Know your status!

I want to publicly thank Joy Turner of LOCCDC for spearheading & organizing this event to educate & inform the citizens of Memphis & Soulsville. The sponsors of the event were: Shelby County Coalition to Eliminate Syphilis/Memphis Health Center, Tonya Dyson, Stax Museum, Salon de Sol, King Cotton Hot Dogs, St. Jude, Volunteer State Helathplan, TennderCare, LifeBlood, Sunrise Program, Blues Project, Porter Leath, & HealthSpring.