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Cosmetology School


Ok-So I have decided to attend cosmetology school to obtain a mancurist license. With opening a beauty/barber salon in second quarter 2009, I thought about hiring a nail tech. But then I was like, why would you hire someone when you have always wanted to do nails (I should be a pro since I have been wearing overlays for 20 yrs now, wow its been that long). So I did some research on the schools here in Memphis that offered nail training. There are several schools but…always a but. Most only offer the classes in the day and a sista can not quit work to attend nail school LOL. So I had to keep looking. I found one close to my house, but they wanted close to 12K for a 10 mth training. Now remember I am also in graduate school at Strayer University, so I am having to pay for this “hobby” out my pocket so that was definitely not the school I would attend. I got kinda discouraged, but then I found Southern Institute of Cosmetology. The school is located on Perkins and offer a night class and reasonable priced, so it doesn’t break the bank. I start next Tuesday, July 8. I am excited, but we shall see how the body holds up…LOL