Renovation Reality Day 1


I am so excited! We are renovating our house. The hubby & I are remodeling 7 rooms in our house. Well actually 3 of the rooms are only getting paint & new carpet but hey….we doing it lol

Well today is day one of the rehab & I must say I am TIRED! We started at 9am & I’m writing this post at 11:30pm. Yep, we have been at it all day.

Well what did we accomplish today:
Day 1:
Project: Hall bathroom
Time frame: 2 days
Budget: $500

Today we did remove the sink & vanity. We have the mirror ready to be taken down. We removed all the tile from the sink.


Oh let me tell you about the tile floor….ummm yeah it’s still down. We need a bigger sledge hammer to break up the tile so we will finish that in the morning,

The hubby has plugged most of the holes in the wall. We will sand & paint walls tomorrow.

So I was on budget until the hubby decided to add the time around the tub to this project. I will check how far off we are with the budget tomorrow.

Well, I did learn that the DIY shows fail to show us all the hard work that goes into renovating your house lol

Until tomorrow..



Failing our youth


Are we failing the future leaders of the free world? The youth of today is totally different from any generation.

Yes, every generation is different but this “new age” generation is like none other. How do we get the youth bank in the youth? How can we as adult correct our wrong?

How we failed our youth?
Everything is so readily available to our youth today. They do not understand the concept of earning the things they want. The word NO is taboo from a parent to a child. Why us that?

Well we are in an age where parents are still kids themselves or parents who don’t know themselves. There is a vicious cycle of parent & kid growing up together.

To effectively rear productive law abiding citizens, we as adults must be ready to teach & rear our kids. The notion of kids don’t come with a book need to be thrown out. Yes there is no one book that can tell you how to rear your children; however, you must be at a stage of maturity to understand the true magnitude of rearing children in the 21st century.

How do we correct our wrong?

  • 1. First STOP having children until you are mentally, physically, & emotionally ready to be a parent.
  • 2. Stop trying to be your child FRIEND only. Be parent first & friend second.
  • 3. Set boundaries. Teach your kids that things are not handed to them but earned. They are not entitled just because they ask for it.
  • 4. Teach them to give back. Volunteering to help those less fortunate than your child will help them to appreciate what they have.
  • 5. Teach life lessons: financial, relationship, skill building. Give your kids a solid foundation on which they can continue to build on as adults.
  • We must stop allowing the television and celebrities rear our kids & set the mindset of our future leaders.

    Remember kids mimic what they see. What are you teaching your kids? Is your example setting then up for failure & hardships?

    Parenting is hard


    Parenting is harder than marriage to me. Being a parent in the 21st century is no joke.

    Parents nowadays are fighting against a lot of demons to protect their children. These demons come in so many forms & in several looks.

    When kids hit puberty it is no way to know just how bad it will get. There is no way to prepare for what is going to attack your family.

    The best thing is to lay the foundation from birth & pray. These streets are ruthless & they want our children.

    Talk with your children & not at them. Be mindful of the things you say to your kids. Remember those in the streets will tell them what they want to hear & give them the love they are seeking.

    Being a parent is hard. Love your children. Kiss your children but set boundaries & consequences early.

    Kids need stability & parents who are their parents & not just trying to be their friends.

    Being a parent is hard so don’t beat yourself up if your child don’t agree with your decisions. Remember it’s not easy but you are your child first defense, you are your child protector.

    Parenting isn’t easy but you must do it!

    My niece ran away yesterday. We don’t know where she is. I feel like I failed her & didn’t protect her enough. I know & understand that I was fighting so many demons to protect my niece but I allowed a demon to slip in & now she is gone.

    Parents please please try to cover all the bases with you protecting your children.

    Being a parent is hard!

    Paperman Disney new movie


    Who doesn’t love Disney! From the amusement parks to the movies, we love all things Disney.

    Well leave it to the great minds at Disney to come up with a new movie that is chalked full of Disney innovation.

    Fall in love with Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Oscar-nominated short, PAPERMAN, all over again!

    View and share the animated short here:Paperman Disney short feature.

    What did you think about this film?

    Hackers hacked Twitter


    Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

    The trending topic this weekend is Twitter hacked. Yes, hackers may have gotten over 250,000 of Twitter users information. Twitter reported on their blog that they noticed unauthorized access attempts to their user information.

    The authorities at be at Twitter is actively trying to restore security to those accounts & to rebuild their creditability with their followers. Those affected by the  breach will be contacted by Twitter & required to reset their password before they are able to reestablish their accounts.

    How to protect your account from hackers:

    1. Passwords should be strong which includes a combination of numbers, letters (capital and lower case) plus special characters
    2. Passwords should not be something known about you, ie, your name, children name, your DOB or any identifying information
    3. Passwords for all your internet accounts should not be the same
    4. Change your password regularly
    5. When changing your password, don’t just change one character change all characters.

    As we know, where there is a will there is a way. We must be proactive against hackers. So change your password often and be creative with your passwords.

    Baby Cargo-The Georgi Stroller Bag

    Baby Cargo-The Georgi Stroller Bag

    Oh my, I had the pleasure of reviewing Baby Cargo The Georgi Stroller Bag & let me sum it up in one word of what I thought about this bag: VERSATILE.

    Baby Cargo Georgi BagThis bag  was & is a life saver.  It fits perfectly on the stroller but it also fits perfectly as a cross the shoulder bag.

    We used this bag as a diaper bag to carry my 1year old items in. It would have her diapers, a mason jar full of milk (to refill her sippy cup), her snacks, and all the other stuff she needs. We had plenty of room and room enough to put my stuff in there.

    When I knew we were going out with the baby, I  would forgo my purse & use the Georgi Stroller bag as a purse. Yes, it had plenty of room to house all the stuff a mommy needs LOL

    Just what is the Georgi Stroller bag

    The Georgi bag is the fashionable diaper bag that is versatile to be your go to handbag when its you and the baby! The Georgi bag fits perfectly on hand(les) of your stroller, your bottles are stowed, your hands are free, which free you up to do other things with your hands & limits all the bags we are known to have when we are out and about with the baby/child.   Brass details like grommets that slide smartly over your umbrella stroller handles and stylishly zippered seams lend heft and style, at once. But what transforms Georgi from fashion item to stroller bag “must” is versatility: beautiful lightweight fabric, a sturdy shoulder strap that snaps to your full-service stroller bar, and a wealth of pockets mean everything stays neatly in place.

    • Beautiful lightweight fabric, brass details & stylishly zippered seams
    • Universal Handle Hooks
    • Brass grommet rings for umbrella strollers
    • Attachment snaps for strollers with one handle
    • Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
    • 2-side bottle pockets
    • 7 interior pockets (1 lipstick, 1 wallet, 1 phone, 1 sunglass, 2 diaper pockets and 1 changing pad pocket)
    • 5 exterior pockets (2 side bottle pockets, 1 zippered center front pocket, 2 front pockets)
    • Zip closure to secure items

    How did we use the Georgi BagGeorgi Bag full

    Well, let me tell you: My hubby thought I had purchased myself a new purse that’s just how much I was using it. We used it as the diaper bag & go to bag for us when we went out. It was so light weight that I didn’t realize how much I had put in it until I was cleaning it out.

    We also used it as our exercise equipment bag to carry our stuff we needed for our exercise class. This is my daughter with the bag around her neck:

    Daughter & Georgi bag

    The bag was so lightweight that I could carry it and hold my daughter without even realizing I had the bag as well as her.

    Me, the baby & the bag

    Overall, I love this bag. Any mom, grandmom, aunt, dad, granddad, uncle that is on the go with a baby & need a bag that will be lightweight, versatile and stylish I suggest you get a Baby Cargo Georgi Stroller bag.

    The Georgi bag

    Disclaimer: I received the Georgi bag free of charge; however, all statements regarding this bag is my own & was not persuaded by anyone or any promises.