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Lindsay Lohan 9 Lives


Lindsay Lohan has been in more trouble than we can keep up with but she obviously has 9 lives or some fairy god mothers looking after her because late Friday she was granted bail that will allow her to leave jail.

CNN reports: Lohan can leave jail after she posts a $300,000 bond, but she must be fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-detection bracelet within 24 hours, Los Angeles County Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said.

How many times will this young lady get a slap on the hand for her behavior? She was sentenced before to jail and rehab because of her drug and alcohol abuse but due to her notoriety she did not complete her sentence. Lohan was originally sentenced to 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in a drug rehab program. She only spent 2 weeks in jail and less than 3 weeks in rehab. Upon her arrival and evaluation in rehab the doctors determined that her condition was not grave enough to be in rehab so she was released. Now, the doctors license should be revoked because they were obviously wrong.

Lohan failed two drug test which resulted in her probation being revoked and sent back to jail. Her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley filed a writ of habeas corpus on Friday. Once those papers were filed Judge Schnegg granted her bail and Lohan was released.

Now we are back to square one….Her probation hearing is set for October 22. We shall see if they hand her a tough sentence and make her serve the sentence.



Chris Brown? What do you think….


Ok, I wasn’t going to post about Chris Brown & his BET performance but I have to because it is so much buzz about his performance being a publicity stunt. Or was he really missing Michael? Now we all know the drama that has been following Chris Brown for over a year now, so need to talk about that. However, Chris was blackballed from the BET awards last year due to his [interactions] with Rihanna.

Chris Brown at the BET Awards ShowI truly believe that Chris was overwhelmed with emotions that he truly was unable to finish the song. You got to remember, he didn’t get a chance to give Michael a proper tribute because the Music Industry and others waged their pledge to Rihanna instead of staying neutral. Now a year later, a couple of days from Michaels death’aversary, Chris gets the opportunity to give his idol a proper tribute.

Now honestly, you had to feel his emotions! He was back at the BET Awards, his fans were screaming his name [something that was dwindling away from him], and he was dancing for MICHAEL.

Brown’s performance was one of the highlights of the night. He put his all into the dancing and the singing [lip-syncing]. He had to prove his value to his fans, the promoters, the record companies, and the world again.

He was losing ground with his fans & had already been banned from the United Kingdom so he had to put on a GREAT show.

What are you thoughts concerning Chris Brown? Do you think the media has drugged his name through the mud enough? Do you think since he is know known as a “woman beater” that he should be banned & lose all his endorsements and fans? When is enough enough?

The Chris Brown saga continues…but you can not deny he put his all into the BET Awards show.