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Failing our youth


Are we failing the future leaders of the free world? The youth of today is totally different from any generation.

Yes, every generation is different but this “new age” generation is like none other. How do we get the youth bank in the youth? How can we as adult correct our wrong?

How we failed our youth?
Everything is so readily available to our youth today. They do not understand the concept of earning the things they want. The word NO is taboo from a parent to a child. Why us that?

Well we are in an age where parents are still kids themselves or parents who don’t know themselves. There is a vicious cycle of parent & kid growing up together.

To effectively rear productive law abiding citizens, we as adults must be ready to teach & rear our kids. The notion of kids don’t come with a book need to be thrown out. Yes there is no one book that can tell you how to rear your children; however, you must be at a stage of maturity to understand the true magnitude of rearing children in the 21st century.

How do we correct our wrong?

  • 1. First STOP having children until you are mentally, physically, & emotionally ready to be a parent.
  • 2. Stop trying to be your child FRIEND only. Be parent first & friend second.
  • 3. Set boundaries. Teach your kids that things are not handed to them but earned. They are not entitled just because they ask for it.
  • 4. Teach them to give back. Volunteering to help those less fortunate than your child will help them to appreciate what they have.
  • 5. Teach life lessons: financial, relationship, skill building. Give your kids a solid foundation on which they can continue to build on as adults.
  • We must stop allowing the television and celebrities rear our kids & set the mindset of our future leaders.

    Remember kids mimic what they see. What are you teaching your kids? Is your example setting then up for failure & hardships?


    Parenting is hard


    Parenting is harder than marriage to me. Being a parent in the 21st century is no joke.

    Parents nowadays are fighting against a lot of demons to protect their children. These demons come in so many forms & in several looks.

    When kids hit puberty it is no way to know just how bad it will get. There is no way to prepare for what is going to attack your family.

    The best thing is to lay the foundation from birth & pray. These streets are ruthless & they want our children.

    Talk with your children & not at them. Be mindful of the things you say to your kids. Remember those in the streets will tell them what they want to hear & give them the love they are seeking.

    Being a parent is hard. Love your children. Kiss your children but set boundaries & consequences early.

    Kids need stability & parents who are their parents & not just trying to be their friends.

    Being a parent is hard so don’t beat yourself up if your child don’t agree with your decisions. Remember it’s not easy but you are your child first defense, you are your child protector.

    Parenting isn’t easy but you must do it!

    My niece ran away yesterday. We don’t know where she is. I feel like I failed her & didn’t protect her enough. I know & understand that I was fighting so many demons to protect my niece but I allowed a demon to slip in & now she is gone.

    Parents please please try to cover all the bases with you protecting your children.

    Being a parent is hard!