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Renovation Reality Day 3


Well, as you can see I’m posting day 3 on day 4. Have I mentioned to you I am TIRED! Lol

Today, was a emotional draining day for me. I was feeling some kind of way about the remodel. I truly thought the bathroom would be back in today; however, I have a toilet that is sitting in my backyard…..ugh

Damn you HGTV & DIY channel lol you make it look so easy & QUICk! (Yes I know that’s tv & only 30 minutes)

The positives for day 3: the holes in the ceiling were patched. The concrete in the bathroom is dry & we have the walls prepped for painting.

Well, I’m getting up now to start Day 4!


Renovation Reality Day 2


Day 2 of the renovation reality in my house. Well, to me we didn’t do much but the hubby said we are doing great (oh ok).

We did finalize the carpet install today. We must be finished with the remodel by April 16 bc the new carpet will be installed that Wednesday.

Ok back to today, we got all the holes patched in the bathroom! YEAH…! We poured concrete to level out the bathroom floor. I painted the vanity black & cleaned the fireplace brick. And we made two trips to Home Depot.

So today was pure prep work for all the projects. We are in the bed at 9pm because we are tired!!!TIRED…

Hopefully, tomorrow we will start completing the bathroom & I will start stripping the kitchen cabinets!

Until tomorrow……

Renovation Reality Day 1


I am so excited! We are renovating our house. The hubby & I are remodeling 7 rooms in our house. Well actually 3 of the rooms are only getting paint & new carpet but hey….we doing it lol

Well today is day one of the rehab & I must say I am TIRED! We started at 9am & I’m writing this post at 11:30pm. Yep, we have been at it all day.

Well what did we accomplish today:
Day 1:
Project: Hall bathroom
Time frame: 2 days
Budget: $500

Today we did remove the sink & vanity. We have the mirror ready to be taken down. We removed all the tile from the sink.


Oh let me tell you about the tile floor….ummm yeah it’s still down. We need a bigger sledge hammer to break up the tile so we will finish that in the morning,

The hubby has plugged most of the holes in the wall. We will sand & paint walls tomorrow.

So I was on budget until the hubby decided to add the time around the tub to this project. I will check how far off we are with the budget tomorrow.

Well, I did learn that the DIY shows fail to show us all the hard work that goes into renovating your house lol

Until tomorrow..