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Hug your love ones


My heart hurt for the city of Aurora. This recent senseless killings not only effect those citizens and families but all of us!

We don’t know the day or the hour so always love on your family. Tell them you live them. Leave them with positive thoughts each & every time you are together. Give them a hug! Don’t be ashamed to say I love you, you never know if this is your last chance.

The staff at PK Enterprises, which consists of: Sol Searching blog, Sol Searching Radio Show, and Still Dating My Spouse, send our condolences to the victims families. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone.


Being a kid again



Oh what a great time I am having this weekend! We are in panama city celebrating my husband birthday.

Today the sun decided to hide & all the rain to fall! We still went to the beach & spent time at the pier shopping.

We had so much fun walking, singing, & just playing in the rain. It felt really good just being free. No stress. No phones. No kids! It just me & him.

Sometimes we must remember its ok to have fun & stick our feet in the sand!


It’s hard


Life brings about many changes. We think we are prepared but you really don’t know if you are until you are faced with the challenge.

The last two years I watched my will for life slowly dwindle down. I knew something was wrong but didn’t know how to snap out of it.

I was determined to figure it out because I was ruining everything in my life. Depression was a constant battle.

I did pretty good in fooling those around me but I was unable to continue to function that way.

It was hard for me to finally come to the realization that unless I did something and quick, the life I knew would be over.

I prayed and prayed. God was always there I just had to listen.

At the beginning of this year I decided that PMDD couldn’t have me and destroy my family.

It’s hard to make changes but change is needed at times.

Don’t give in…get up and take your life back!

Where have I been


Oh my its been over a year since I have blogged on here. Let me tell you guys you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through.

I had to come to grips with what was going on with my body. I was really having a melt down and had to get an understanding of what PMDD is and how to get pass it.

I also had to deal with understanding that I can make it on my own and that everything will be just fine. When I say on my own, I mean business wise. The husband is still sticking with me but I had to appreciate that I can make money without “clocking” in to someone else’s job.

So I said all that to say, I am baaaaaaaak!


What have you been up to?