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Agree to Disagree


Agree to disagree is easier said than done. Have you tried to let things go but someone just keep going at it?

Yeah, it’s not as easy to just let it go if the other person keeps up the foolishness. So what do you do?

I say stay firm to letting it go. It takes two to tango so don’t continue that dance with them.

Set the example you would like for others to see and do! Yeah yeah it’s not easy…

I’m so reminded of the bus driver that fought the passenger on his bus. Did he really try to agree to disagree? Or did he start dancing with her to her foolish beat?

Don’t allow people to take you out of your comfort zone. Stay true to self and everything else will fall into place.

Agree to disagree!


#TummyTuck Belt Review

#TummyTuck Belt Review

Oh let me tell ya, how excited I was to be chosen to review the Tummy Tuck Belt. I am beginning to take my health and weight much more serious now since I am 40 now. Yeah, at 40 you start thinking about a lot of things and for me weight and healthiness was the first on my list.

So when I got the chance to review the Tummy Tuck belt that will help forge me into weight loss I jumped at the opportunity.

Tummy Tuck Belt

Tummy Tuck BeltThe Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming Belt utilizes an accelerator cream, a belt, and 2 minutes of Tummy Tucker tightening exercises, and wear the belt for 10 minutes twice a day. The system comes neatly packaged with the accelerator cream, the belt, a video, a tape measure, and an instructional booklet that includes a daily eating schedule. Everything you need to have a successful process is included. The only thing you need to add is the willingness to follow the suggestions to get maximum results.

The belt comes in several sizes, so you  are able to purchase the size you would need to begin the process with.

My Experience

Well, let me tell ya! I was really excited so when I received the package I tore right into it. You know we are all looking for the miracle

in the box and I wouldn’t have to do exercise & lose weight. Hey this is right up my alley.Before Tummu Tuck

I watched the video several times and I actually read the getting started booklet included, because I wanted to do everything correctly so I can give an honest review.

First day, I had a hell of a time getting that belt on. It reminded me of a girdle or putting on some really tight jeans.LOL Before I put the belt on, I measured my waist, then I rubbed my stomach with the accelerator cream. It only takes a little bit of the cream to be effective.

My first measurements had me at 40.5 inches around my belly. So I definitely were looking to have some of those inches removed!

I wore the belt twice a day and I tried to do the tummy tuck exercise like instructed in the video. I wasn’t sure I was doing the exercise correctly, so what I started during was sucking in and holding my stomach muscles throughout the day for about a minute or so. This was like my form of exercise to go along with using the belt.

Within a couple of days, I could see a noticeable difference. I was down to 37inches. I was walking around proud with no shirt on just so I can show off my new belly. I kept using the belt and the accelerator for 3 weeks. I must tell you some days I just didn’t want to fight with the belt so I just used the accelerator and the periodic tummy muscle exercises and I still was able to see results.

After tummy tuckAs of today, my measures are 34.3 inches. I overly pleased with this product. My husband so a difference in my waist size and he has begun  using it.  We recognize that everyone will see different results so he is willing to try. Just an inch would be fine with him LOL

I am pleased with the results. Of course with any weight loss program, you must be consistent and results are not the same for everyone. I’m happy, my hubby is happy with my results so it was a win win for me!

Would you like an opportunity to try this product? Well on October 20, I will host a giveaway along with other bloggers for our readers to have an opportunity to win a free product.  My giveaway will be hosted here. Please take the time to read up on Tummy Tuck Belt and the review s they have received. Tummy Tuck Facebook page and their Twitter account will be a wealth of information for you.

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Costume Express Mini Mouse

Costume Express Mini Mouse

I am soooooo excited! This is the first year my grandbaby is big enough to have a costume. I was even more excited when I got the opportunity to review a costume from Costume Express.

Minnie Mouse Costume

This costume is beautiful. It was really hard to decide on a costume for  her because they have a variety of costumes available not only for kids but adults as well.

My grandbaby did not want to take her costume off so I had to allow her to keep her ears on just so she wouldn’t sleep in the costume. The variety of costumes from  superheros to characters is great on the website. Anything you are looking for you can  definitely find.

The quality of the costume is impeccable.  Actually, I need to order myself and my husband a costume to wear to the costume party this month. Costume Express is really good about having the products available. It is a quick turnaround to receive your costume.


If  you would like to win a costume head over and enter via the rafflecopter.

2 Winners!

1 Winner will receive a $100 code to Costume Express


1 Winner will receive a $50 code to Costume Express

Ozeri Green Earth Wok


You guys know how much I love cooking especially when it with the hubby. I had the opportunity to review the Ozeri Green Earth Wok.

Product Details

Let me tell ya, this Wok is awesome. Its ceramic coating allows for  a non-sticking cooking.  So you know I had to put this to the test. I am a pretty good cook but lately I have been burning the food. LOL

For our date night, two weeks ago I cooked us some chicken stir fry. I loved the fact that I could cook everything in the pot and there was no sticking. Actually, I thought I was a real chef and started moving the food around in the pan  like they do on TV. (Yeah, I love food shows).

The Ozeri Green  Earth Wok withheld under the pressure of me cooking & the hubby being silly so it gets two thumbs up!

If you are looking for Earth friendly products then this wok is for you. It is 100: PTFE and PFOA free. For my green guys and girls, this is the perfect cookware to add to your kitchen.

​A little about Ozeri

​ Ozeri specifically make products for the modern home. Ozeri utilizes award winning designs, innovative materials to make long lasting quality product.

To get more information about Ozeri and see the other great earth friendly products they make, visit their website  or Amazon page and you can make a  purchase at their store.

I plus other bloggers of the Pitch List are giving our readers an opportunity to win a product from Ozeri. Check out the other bloggers and enter the giveaway here.

Disclosure: I did receive this product FREE to review; however, the words and opinion expressed in this post are all mines and not influenced by no one.