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Brand Your Event for Maximum Impact


At some point in all of our business lives we must host an event. If you sell a product, that could mean a limited time only sale, a “private access” trunk show or an experience that gets them into the door. For us service based businesses that means getting in front of people that need our services and talking to them to show them how our service brings results.

Starting from the beginning, you need an effective name. What holds true in branding your company also holds true here. Naming is soooo very important. It’s the reason many businesses are not doing as well as they could be doing, and why some events are not well attended, though the content may be amazing. In our visual world, the name is the first impression, and we all know first impressions are hard to change.

As you’re doing that, try to also come up with an interactive call and response. I love the events I attend where the audience in unison says something in response to the speaker. It always makes you feel bonded to the team. It’s like that commercial where the chef says “Set it” and the audience responds “And Forget It.” Now, your call and response doesn’t have to be commercial tv quality, but something that keeps the group interactive and going along with you will boost morale and keep the energy in the room high.

Use posters or powerpoint to create a branded environment. Even if you’re not using powerpoint slides, it’s a good idea to have a projection on the wall or on a screen that builds that impact and let’s attendees know they’re in the right place. In a small space, this feels good because it brings a theme to the room without doing a decor overhaul, and in a larger space it customizes the space and gives you more control.

Put your logo on the nametags, handouts, signup forms and all other printed materials. I have a custom ID tag that I use when attending events, but most people do not. A printed name tag with their name and you logo is always better than those peel and stick labels that they write on with a marker. Also, be sure to put your logo and web address in the corner of anything you hand out.

Invest in custom napkins, cups, note pads and other materials used for your event.
There are a few resources on the web that allow you to print small quantities of branded items and they don’t have to cost a small fortune. This add impressive impact to your event and go a long way. You don’t have to customize everything, that would be overkill, but choose 2-3 elements that will have a memorable impact on your attendees, even if they’re disposable. This one steps helps you stand out against all the other generic events on the market and builds brand equity as well.

Make sure your signage helps attendees easily find you. There’s nothing worse than rushing to get to an event and then getting the run-around when trying to find the room or building. It’s a nightmare and transforms the mentality of the attendee to a negative one that you then have to overcome.

Let’s skip that barrier and make sure you have signs – and people – able to assist anyone attending your event from the point of entry for your building, and even from the street if your building is in a complex location (such as a college campus). This will also help you feel more at ease because the room will fill up quicker and can begin on time.

Brand Yourself. We can’t forget the most important asset in your business – YOU! The branding isn’t complete if it’s the room, the registration and the display. Since you’ll be an integral part of the event we also need to make sure we brand you. The simplest way to do this is to wear something that’s brand attractive, such as the colors of your outfit or the accessories that you use. Let these be a reflection of your brand and make sure not to wear an overbearing fragrance (I prefer to play it safe and not wear any, in case anyone may be allergic).

Each of these suggestions are simple and affordable ways that you can brand your event. Many of them you can do yourself, and for those that you can’t you can find a supplier online that meets your budget. Remember to brand smart and be sure not to go into brand overkill, and make your event a fun and memorable one, ok?

Need help with your branding? How about booking a 1 hour strategy session? It’ll push you past the barriers that may be keeping you stuck and allow you to get one to your passion. Call me at 888-YOU-BRAND (or 201-984-5984 for international dialers) and we’ll make it happen, ok Pamela?


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Discounted Services…Yes or No?


How do you feel about discounting your services/products? At one time, businesses frowned on discounting their services to attract new customers or to retain customers; however, the times have changed.

Due to the decline in sales, companies have to think outside the box to increase sales. To assist businesses with increasing sales, such sites such as Groupon, Inside Scoop, and others have emerged. The premise for these companies is to offer businesses the opportunity to advertise to their database of millions of readers without the “huge” cost associated with advertising.

MP Mueller said it best in the article, Is Groupon Good for Small Business, ‘As more and more people are learning, social coupons can give businesses exposure…’ This exposure could give businesses the boast they need.

So just what are these “social coupons” websites? These sites feature businesses for a specified amount of time, send an email blast to their opt-in email database, and will also handle all the backend process, i.e. payment processing.

The business responsibility is to be ready for the influx of customers that will call, visit, and purchase from their establishment. You say that’s too easy…well the proof is in the numbers. Visit Groupon and The Inside Scoop, just to name a few, website and read the testimonies.

Do your research! You must determine if discounting your service will benefit your company in the long run. Do you think there will be any back lash from the new customers that you attract when they realize the “real” price of your services or products?

This is a great way for businesses to reach a target market without having to spend millions…Give it a try and let us know the results.

Tell us your story with using a social coupon site…..


P.S. There are several companies that specializes in social coupons. You must do your research and read the fine print. Sol Searching blog does not endorse any social coupon site, nor have we received compensation.




Lift Editing with Tiya Cunningham-Sumter


I had the great pleasure of talking with relationship coach, Tiya Cunningham-Sumter. The conversation was great.

Relationships are hard work. You must work continuously in your relationship to ensure a fulfilling relationship. Tiya shared some helpful tips on how to diffuse a heated discussion, how to recognize the level of listening you are engaging, and the importance of a relationship mission plan.

Listen to the interview….I am sure you will get something from the interview you can use in your relationship.

Stress in Relationships Interview with Tiya Sumter on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Sol Searching on Blog Talk Radio

Tiya SumterTiya Cunningham-Sumter, a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, received her certification in 2006 from iPEC Coaching Institute, a premier life coach training organization. Sumter immediately founded Life Editing and has coached countless individuals, couples and families on achieving their personal, professional, and relationship goals. The Life Editing concept is about rewriting your life, to reflect your dreams. Sumter, a wife and mother created The Black Wives’ Club blog and is a weekly contributor for She was featured in Ebony Magazine (2008 & 2010) and has been happily married for 12 years.


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The Only Way is Up Book Tour


Join Sol Searching as we talk with Authoress Folake Taylor.

Folake Taylor is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who resides in the suburbs of Atlanta GA with her husband and toddler. She was born in the United Kingdom to Nigerian born parents and was raised in both the UK and Nigeria before relocating to the United States to live the American dream. She hopes to spread a message of empowerment and reinforce family values.


1. Tell us about Folake Taylor?

I am a wife, a mother, an MD and now an author. I am an outpatient Internist in the suburbs of Atlanta and I love to interact with people and get involved with causes that make this world a better place to live for us all.
2. When did you decide you wanted to be an author?
I decided the day I started to write The Only Way is Up.
3. Where did you get the title?
It was from something I always say to myself when I need encouragement: “The only way is up!”
4. How did The Only Way is Up begin?
As I watched my husband and our daughter interact while on vacation, it reminded me of the relationship I had with my father and how much of who I am today can be attributed to a strong male figure in my life. It saddened me to remember how many around me do not have that nowadays. A Larry King Live special clinched the deal as they talked about women and self worth and how that may be the key to future success. I started to type on my Blackberry right there
5. Do you see writing as a career?
Yes, but presently as a secondary and not a primary as I love being an MD.
6. Who’s your favorite author and what do you love most about them and their work?
Barack Obama. His book “Dreams From My Father” changed my life. I love his confidence, his attitude to life and challenges, his resilience and his positivity.
7. How long did it take you to write this book?
It took five and a half months. The fist draft was done in one month however.
8. What’s next for Folake Taylor, the author?
I am almost done with my next book which is leaning towards ethnic chick lit. It is titled “Anonymous Gift Giver.”
9. What do you enjoy when not writing?
I love spending time with my husband and daughter as well as extended family and close friends. I love TV. I love social networking. I have friends I have never met that I feel connected to. Outdoors, I love water sports and theme parks though I have not done much of either recently.
10. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
My advice is to start writing. Read widely and write. Write daily. Read what you want to sound like to improve on your skills. Buy books on the art and craft of writing. Develop your unique style however as you need to sound like you at the end of the day. I pray God will bless your efforts. I never dreamt that I would be a writer or that my pet project so to speak, even before learning the industry, could receive any kind of attention or acceptance and for that I am very thankful. It can happen to you too!
Thank you for hosting me on my blog tour. I can be reached at my website My email address, facebook and twitter details, my blogs and everything else is on that website.

Find out more information about the author at

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Here’s the synopsis just in case you need.

This book features the author’s experiences and views on pertinent life issues as an immigrant to the United States of America. The objective is to empower women. However, the greater part of the message is of relevance to a general audience. Some of the issues that are the focus of this book are:

  • Identity
  • Health & Preventive medicine
  • Finding a mate
  • Relationships & Family
  • Single parenthood
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Gender roles
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Global exposure
  • Positivity & Loving yourself
  • Spirituality
  • Life outside the United States

And much more…

Link for Youtube book trailer

Prey for the Wicked Buzz Book Tour


I had the pleasure of reading Sheila Peele-Miller latest novel, Prey for the Wicked. I was really skeptically at first when reading the book summary but I’m really glad I decided to read the book.Prey for the Wicked


I have posted my book review on Amazon but for your reading pleasure I am including my book review here:

Oh my this book is a very good read. A page turner. I finished reading it in two days (hours wise one day). I had to know what Janeen was getting herself into next & just how low down Adam was going to be to her, but nothing prepared me for what happened…..

Janeen Cooper was an only child loved dearly by her mother, but her mom did everything for Janeen from telling her what career to choose, what school to attend, and everything else. So when Janeen mom dies unexpectedly, Janeen is at a lost. She didn’t know how to pay bills, study by herself, or even motivate herself. Janeen was left to do the one thing her mom always warned her against, dealing with her Aunt May (her mom sister).

With no other choice, Janeen moves in with her evil aunt in Williamston, NC; but the bright side was the handsome much older guy, Adam Sinclair, Janeen met the day she moved to NC. Adam seemed like a dream come true. He wined and dined her, he took over where her mom left off. He told Janeen what to do and when to do it; she had no problem with that because she enjoyed how he showered her with presents & got her out of the house away from her evil aunt.

Janeen quickly learns that there is more to Adam than she ever thought. Life and actions catches up with Janeen and she attempts to lean on Adam for comfort & support; however, the man she thought she loved did not reciprocate. Due to the events that happened to her since moving to Williamston, Janeen is ordered out of town & never to return. Oh but this doesn’t happen as easily as packing and moving.

Janeen tries to start a new life in a different city, but again depression and despair sets in. Janeen encounters new events, situations, and people that could destroy her well-being. Finally Janeen decides to take control of her life, confront the people that have hurt her but with seeking closure Janeen unravels a mystery that could cause her her life & destroy the power that Adam Sinclair family has in Williamston.

Where innocent sleeps . . . Evil lurks!


Get this book…suggest it as the BOM for your book club. You will not be disappointed.

Sheila Peele-Miller is visiting several sites around the net this week promoting her book. If you have missed any of the stops, please go & visit these sites & support Ms. Miller.

Sheila Peele-Miller

Sheila Peele-Miller

Author bio:

From short stories to poetry to novels, Sheila Peele-Miller is not afraid to follow her passion. Although an art major in college, she was drawn to creative writing.  Using life around her as a foundation, she began to create what would later become her first novel, Painted Picture, released in 2004 and self-published under ADIRA Books, a company she founded. Miller’s sophomore novel, Daylight Coming was released in 2006. Her most recent book, Prey for the Wicked, was released September 2010.

In addition to her small collection of novels, Miller has created and designed a Memoir Writing Journal. She has contributed a short story, titled, The Devil’s Poison to The Shattered Glass Effect, an anthologPrey for the Wicked Blog Toury depicting the effects of HIV/AIDS in the African American community and has written articles for Style-ology magazine. Her credited works are: Obama: A Time for Change and Child Maid Trafficking.

Miller hones her craft by teaching creative writing and publishing workshops anywhere possible. She has co-hosted an African American Read-In in Chicago and Detroit, and is the co-founder of the annual New Bern Literary Festival and Book Fair in New Bern, North Carolina.  Miller lives in Chicago with her husband. She is the mother of four and the grandmother of two.

You can find Sheila Peele-Miller at

To schedule Sheila Peele-Miller for an interview, blog tour, or book club visit, please send an email to

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Last Temptation Blog Tour with Michelle Stimpson


Michelle StimpsonMichelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994. She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002. She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults.

In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking. Her works include Boaz Brown, Breaking Bondage to Biscuits, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), The Good Stuff, Trouble In My Way, and the upcoming release, Last Temptation. She has written and published over 40 short stories through her educational publishing company at She also ministers to women through her online newsletter:

Michelle lives near Dallas with her husband and their two teenage children. She is active in the Creative Tyme Ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Visit Michelle online at

About the BookLast Temptation

Patricia “Peaches” Miller finally has the man and the ring she always wanted, but she’s not quite ready to turn in her Independent-Woman-Card to follow her follow her future husband’s dreams. When her ex suddenly becomes re-interested in her, Peaches wonders if she owes it to her son to give his father one more chance. But this last temptation hurls Peaches down a dangerous road that tests her relationships, her faith, and even her sanity. Can sin ever have a silver lining?

You’ll love revisiting the main characters from Michelle’s highly acclaimed debut novel, Boaz Brown, in this long-awaited story of rebellion and redemption.

Podcast about the book: The Last Temptation Book Summary

Podcast: Excerpt from the book: Excerpt from The Last Temptation

Book Review

If you have read the book, please post your book review here or link to it if you have posted the review in another spot. We do encourage posting book reviews on and other online bookstores.

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